photo: Metsik Garden


Every team is made up of a team-lead and team-mem­bers. They in­ter­act. Per­son­ally. On a reg­u­lar basis. Lead­er­ship is about that in­ter­ac­tion. It is about the na­ture of that in­ter­ac­tion.

Do Amer­i­cans and Ger­mans de­fine ef­fec­tive lead­er­ship in the same way? Do they lead – and want to be led – in the same way? Where do the two busi­ness cul­tures draw the line be­tween the what (mean­ing the strat­egy, the goal or ob­jec­tive) and the how (mean­ing the tac­tics, the path to that goal)?

When Ger­mans and Amer­i­cans col­lab­o­rate they lead each other, and are led by each other. If they don’t get that right, their teams will fail. It’s that simple.

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