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This is for colleagues working in the Germany-USA space. Not just for Germans and Americans, but colleagues from any and all countries. If your salary is around 100k, then 99€ or $120 is 1/1,000 of that. A drop in the bucket. We hope to keep it that way.


Cross-border collaboration is critical to your success. You and your colleagues are experiencing cultural differences. They are making collaboration difficult. Ten Stories

However, your employer is not addressing culture. There are reasons for this. They are barriers which can be overcome. So that collaboration succeeds. We want to address culture. Not Addressed


We answer three core questions: Where do we differ in how we think, therefore in how we work? What influence do the differences have on our collaboration? How can we get the differences to work for instead of against us? As an example see the topic Persuasion.

We help you to apply your newly-gained cultural insights to cross-border collaboration. There should be no need for consultants. Neither internal nor external. You own your collaboration. Engage with each other in Discussions. And apply your newly-gained insights with the help of Exercises.


When you and your colleagues address culture three good things happen: First, you get the job done. That’s good for the bottom-line of your team, and of the company.

Second, you sleep better at night. Literally and figuratively. That’s good for you as human beings. And third, you contribute to understanding among your peoples. That’s good for the relations between countries.

Join us. It is in your own best interest. It is in the best interest of your colleagues. And it is in the best interest of the company. Three good reasons. And in that order. Numbers

Be sure to return to the ten stories in order to get a sense for the cost of cultural differences on collaboration. Ten Stories – Cost.