Tolga Ulkan

295 Euros

Join us !

Here’s why:

Collaboration is critical to your success. You experience cultural differences. And they’re making that collaboration difficult. Do these Ten Stories speak to your experience?

However, your company is not addressing culture. You and your colleagues are not being supported. You deserve better. Here are the reasons why you’re getting No Support

We can help. In two ways:

First, we provide answers to three core questions: Where are the cultural differences? How do they influence collaboration? Can the differences be managed? As an example see the topic Persuasion

Second, we provide a method to apply those answers to your collaboration. No need for internal or external consultants. It is your work. You own it. Do it yourself. DIY

Join us! It is in your best interest. It is in the best interest of your colleagues. It guarantees the best results for the company. First you. Second your colleagues. Third the company. In that order. Numbers

Wait! Still not convinced? Ok, let’s return to the ten stories and get a sense for the numbers. Be sure to see our calculations for Roger and Karl, who were unspleasantly suprised. Ten Stories – Cost

Ok folks, if you’re not convinced by now then we are not for you. And you are not for us. Don’t take it personally. We won’t either. We wish you luck !